Ginger and Liz Zip Dry Drops

Ginger and Liz Zip Dry Drops


Zip. Drop. Dry. Quick.

Apply a few drops to your nails after your manicure is complete and you'll be dry in no time! These drops speed up drying time and provide added chip resistance.

Net Wt. 15.96 ml - .54 fl. oz


AVAILABILITY: Usually ships in 3-5 business days.


5 FREE - No toluene, formaldehydeformaldehyde resin, camphor or DBP.

Supreme quality 298 strand flat brush and double ball bearing mixer for smooth application.

The G+L formula is fast drying, long lasting, chip-resistant and highly pigmented.

Always keeping your health in mind, the Ginger + Liz formula is vegan friendly and toxin-free.

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